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Welcome to Expanding Times

Welcome to Expanding Times

Welcome to Expanding Times, where you get the latest curated and original content on Spiritual Awakening and living in Health, Joy and Abundance in these expanding times. We are truly living in the most amazing time of rapid evolution, but it can also feel scary and overwhelming at times.  It feels like time is flying by and that we can hardly ... Read More »

Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality and spiritual awakening

Hello, I’m Karen Waters, the co-founder of Expanding Times and Sandhan & I want to welcome you to our Authority site on Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening.  Our Mission and Passion is simple – to provide resources to support you in these challenging times of ‘The Shift’ in consciousness that we’re all experiencing on Earth right now.  Our ‘raison d’etre’ is ... Read More »

Gratitude Values and Beliefs : Fireside Chat # 42

Fireside Chat 42

Today’s podcast was quite an adventure as we revisit some favourite topics ~ gratitude, values and beliefs. But to be perfectly honest, before I began chatting with Melanie Spears of The Gratitude Diary, I had little to no idea what we were actually going to chat about! Earlier in the day I had popped round to her house as she is a ... Read More »

You are brilliant and the earth is hiring


The Unforgettable Commencement Address to the Class of  2009, University of Portland, May 3rd, 2009 by Paul Hawken You know how sometimes you come across something that gives you goosebumps because it’s so honest and real? Well I had that response when I first came across this speech given to the Class of 2009, Portland University and had to share ... Read More »

Out of Belief Into Possibility Fireside Chat : 41

Fireside Chat 41

If you had chance to listen to last week’s podcast on Speed Manifesting, I guarantee that this week’s Fireside Chat, Out of Belief Into Possibility will have you captivated. We had such amazing feedback from that previous call with Lori Mitchell from Speed Manifesting that she graciously offered to come back and continue the discussion. After all, if you’ve been ... Read More »

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