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If I Can Do It You Can Too

AbrahamThis week’s podcast is more than a wee bit special! We’ve called it If I can do it, you can too!’ because this week we have an invited guest, Suzi Cobden, who was my ‘pod’ buddy when I studied Law of Attraction coaching with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and Christy Whitman. (By the way, we are also featuring Christy as our very first guest in our Conscious Conversations podcast series also available on iTunes in early 2014). Plus, if you want to know more about how you too can become a certified LOA coach and not only change your life but also positively impact others’ lives, click here!

This course is only offered twice a year, so if perchance you arrive at a page that asks for your name and email, do sign up as you will be notified as soon as the next intake is due.

Suzi and I first met a couple of years ago when we were both going through some pretty tough times and without in any way being demeaning, one of the main reasons Karen and I wanted to interview her is because she is so representative of what many people are going through right now…. but the miracle is how she has coped with what some would describe as utter chaos and destruction in her life, and how she has come out the other end invigorated, empowered and illuminated!

What seems like a simple conversation contains some real nuggets and insights you can use right now to gain balance, peace and expansion if you are currently struggling with what seem like insurmountable obstacles. In the New Year, Karen and I will be launching our online coaching program called THRILL Bootcamp ~ taking you from FEAR to Fabulous, and Suzi really epitomizes that formidable journey!

“If I can do it you can too” is the path of everyman… and woman … who decides to ask for freedom, growth, expansion and being all that they can be, so tune in to learn what jewels Suzi has to share with us on her voyage of self discovery!

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Sue CobdenSuzi Cobden is a qualified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and passionate lover of life.   A life coaching course several years ago started her on a journey of expansion, finding her true self and her life’s calling. She has become a passionate reader and devourer of personal development courses who thrives on sharing her love, guidance and healing with clients, friends and family alike with a whole lot more to follow!

If you’d like to connect with her, leave a comment under this post, send her a message via our Contact Form or find her on Facebook!

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My passion is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things! One of my most empowering beliefs is that we all have the seeds of greatness within us but that it just depends what we decide to buy into and how our beliefs subsequently influence our decisions, our actions and consequently our outcomes. For over 35 years I've been immersed in the teachings of some of the world's masters of personal development and spirituality and am blessed to have been coached by some of the foremost teachers in their fields. Learning to be happy and love ‘for no reason’ is fundamental to a fulfilled life, so let me show you how to live your life blissfully at cause and not effect.

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