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Suicide Prevention Week and Beyond
Write a Love Letter today and Every Day

Suicide Prevention Week and Beyond

Global Love Letter TemplateHave you read the post about Global Love Letters yet? It’s something I feel very passionate about and believe that such a simple act can make a HUGE difference in someone’s life. I recently met an amazing lady called Mary Colborn who decided to use Global Love Letters as a platform to promote more LOVE in her locality of Grand Rapids. Her Love Letter Project is inspired by the work of Global Love Letters where people are invited to write an anonymous love letter every day and leave it in a random place for someone/anyone to find.

A love letter is a work of art and the writing of one is healing: finding one that seems written just for you is even more so!

The project originated with the idea of blanketing the city of Grand Rapids with thousands of healing love letters, leaving visitors to the fair city with a feeling of joy and hope. The project blossomed and now includes a global video love letter and two giant, universal love letters sending words of hope, peace and love out into the world. They will be hosting a Global March for Peace and Unity on September 21st, the International Day of Peace. While it began simply as an art project, highlighting Suicide Prevention Week, we all know, when Life takes charge, unexpected things can unfold and expand, so let’s not limit this endeavour to one week only per year!

Let’s see how far this global outpouring of love can stretch.

“Today and every day, your words will matter. Please reach out. I can’t tell you how much such efforts would have meant to me during dark periods. So, don’t hesitate: write, call, reach out with words of hope, encouragement and love…” Mary Colborn

Simon Paul Sutton from Global Love Letters and Mary connected over Google+ this afternoon as I’m writing this for an interview spanning between Allegan USA to Malta and then he went and created this. Quite amazing. Eleven days to reach out and touch hearts and share healing words. We can’t tell you how important we think this is. But let’s not stop there!

Enjoy this video about The Love Letter Project and allow it to inspire your creativity.

September 21st has also been designated by the UN as the annual International Day of Peace: a day when people across the globe focus on peace and unity as a global people. As you go about your day of action, plan it with the sense that all environmental destruction and greed stems from a sense of our disconnectedness and brokenness. Healing it starts with inner peace. Inner peace starts with love and sharing love starts with US!

Thanks in advance for all your good work.

Mary earned a Masters in horticulture with an emphasis on fruit and vegetable production from Michigan State University. She completed a Masters in education from Old Dominion University and taught plant biology in Tacoma, WA. She loves working with special needs students and those who thrive on hands-on work. She also certified as an arborist and a Washington State Professional Horticulturist.

The author of two books for children, Rainy Day Slug and Where Wonder Takes You, she is an environmental educator and writer. She has three grown children and is currently working on a doctorate with Dr. Norm Lownds to create a virtual plant biology course with a hands-on component, the goal of which is to teach youth how to grow their own food.

Her website is – honoring the past, healing the present, nurturing the future. What a GREAT vision!

However I really recommend you watch the video interview with Simon on the Sofa above, as there you truly get a sense of who Mary REALLY is beyond bios, CV’s and standard proferrings!

She is SO much more than her humble bio suggests!

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My passion is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things! One of my most empowering beliefs is that we all have the seeds of greatness within us but that it just depends what we decide to buy into and how our beliefs subsequently influence our decisions, our actions and consequently our outcomes. For over 35 years I've been immersed in the teachings of some of the world's masters of personal development and spirituality and am blessed to have been coached by some of the foremost teachers in their fields. Learning to be happy and love ‘for no reason’ is fundamental to a fulfilled life, so let me show you how to live your life blissfully at cause and not effect.

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