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‘The Matrix’ Dancer is the Divine Male

‘The Matrix’ Dancer is the Divine Male

Here is a very entertaining and amazing dance-ish version of ‘The Matrix’ as shown on America’s Got Talent. The artist is 38-year old Kenichi Ebina from Japan.

As stated on ‘The Yin Factor‘ blog:

He stirred the crowd by way of the sacred dance. The breaking into the matrix dance. Right in front of the four judges with the big X’s. XXXX. It is his judgement day.

The device, his body. His holy temple.

The Divine male incarnate.

Now he will dance and shift the energy all thru America as he travels city to city igniting crowds of people. Amazing them. He said it feels good. He comes from the East, maybe there it is easy to do it.

Watch him. Then watch him again. Even in the editing by way of show makers, the bits and pieces that he does not organize you can still see him. Working his energy through it all.

Perfection of mind, body combined with spirit. Human being technology come alive.

Watch it.

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